Applications For Summer 2022 Cohort Deadline: Sunday, June 26. 
Weekly 1-on-1 Private strategy sessions begin July 2022 

manage your CEO TIME.
Unstuck your income.
multiply YOUR IMPACT.
manage your ceo time.
unstuck your income.
multiply your impact.
The Hustle & Breathe Business Accelerator is a 6-month holistic, private 1:1 business consulting program leveraging The Hustle & Breathe Framework for you to master taking care of your business AND taking care of yourself while you grow your profit-producing, purpose-driven business
Whoever said you have to Quit Your Job to find time for your business...LIED!
While not having your 9-to-5 will lead to seemingly having more time, this still will not lead to a successful business.

Your day job, as demanding as it may be, is what can fuel your business.

How? Money

If you quit your day job at this stage of your business, you wouldn’t have money to keep yourself going...And that’s just you, we’re not even talking about your family or other dependents or even the business itself - not enough money to treat yourself to a mani-pedi with friends and then comes the late mortgage bill!

It's not crazy to want to have a safety net while growing your business.

It's not crazy to want keep those benefits from your day job while you can.

It's not crazy to want to know if you could pay your mortgage, car payment, and brunch excursions while growing your business.

These are normal feelings to have. You're not alone!
The truth is, your day job is one of the few money generating resources you can rely on when growing a new business, and giving up on that 
would not be a smart business move.
"Work is soooooo exhausting"
It’s 6pm. You, a hopeful entrepreneur just arrived home. And you simply want to rest, do nothing, and recover from the work day. Unfortunately, that is every day, which means that you are not making any progress on your CEO journey and your business.

"I know like...absolutely nothing"
Google is A LOT - helpful but in this information age, it can be overwhelming. So now, your mind is filled with a bunch of questions and no answers. Unfortunately, you hit the world wide web and get conflicting responses to what you thought was a simple question. Or worse, you get a tsunami of new things you need to know added to the already long list. As if they did not have enough to learn...enter #OVERWHELM 

"There’s SO MUCH to get done!!!"
Many entreprenurs in the early stages struggle with getting nowhere on their to-do list. The list is so daunting, you don’t even know where to begin. Like “If I just quit my job, I would have so much more time to work on my 50 hours more.” Being ever so distraught by the daunting list, you end up only finishing one task...per week 

It doesn’t have to be like this…

IT'S POSSIBLE to find the time to do it all even with a day job (because who wants to quit their job and worry about paying your mortgage)

IT'S POSSIBLE to find the energy and motivation to keep working on your business (because your customers are waiting for you to get it together)

IT'S POSSIBLE to continue making progress every day and grow your profit-producing, purpose-driven business 
(because it's time to build that generational wealth!)

Imagine what life would be like if you could impact more lives and 
make more money doing what you love!

Where would you travel?

What would you do with that extra money?

What would your days look like if you woke up calmly without an alarm?

You Can Have This Life Even When Growing Your Profit-Producing, Purpose-Driven Business While Keeping Your 9-To-5
No More wasted time....
No More Wasted money...
No More Wasted Energy...
A Business And Life You Can't Wait 
To Wake Up For!
The Hustle & Breathe Business Accelerator
An exclusive business coaching accelerator based on my signature process for growing your business 
*without* quitting your day job and *without* the overwhelm
  • ​This IS NOT a course…
  • ​This IS NOT a group program
  • ​This IS NOT a​ get rich quick scheme
  • ​This IS a comprehensive accelerator PROGRAM with support and guidance.
  • ​This IS a highly personalized, hands-on, high-touch experience tailored to YOU.
  • ​This IS the journey of growing your purpose-driven business that will help you make money for the rest of your life.
A succinct and cohesive BUSINESS VISION roadmap 
tailored to your life and business goals and purpose
Exclusive weekly 1-on-1 accountability and business strategy sessions and unlimited correspondence
Mastermind group of ambitious solopreneurs moving forward with you through the lows and highs of entrepreneurship
Peace, Productivity, and Prosperity Awaits You
Private Business Coaching Sessions
Hands-on attention and customized assistance - Every business is different. Every life is different. Your weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me, Vanessa Zamy, ensures that YOU are keep moving forward on your strategy and plan.
Business Development Seminars
Deep dive into business strategy, market validation, product development, and so much more in twice monthly learning seminars to increase your knowledge and leave no business stone unturned.
Weekly Check-Ins
Leave no unknown unknown. Leave no question unanswered. Weekly office hours adjusted for a day job person's schedule provide frequent support to ensure you do not fall behind even when #LifeHappens. No excuses.
Resource-rich Membership Site
A one-stop shop for you to access all bonuses and resources through the program's membership site. Roll up our sleeves so we can figure stuff out together and get stuff done for you.
Supportive Mastermind Community
Connect with like-minded ambitious solopreneurs who serve as even more accountability support so you don't fall behind on your dream. Celebrate your wins and stay on track to make your impact and create that legacy.

Move forward in your legacy, generational wealth, 
and the 2022 goals you deserve!


You can trust us!
"I was able to find incredible clarity on the direction that I was going to take my side hustle and Vanessa really helped me define what next steps I was going to take. It was invaluable and I am sooo appreciative."
- Mel W., Life Coach
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"Vanessa has been wonderful. Her services have been just OUTSTANDING. Very, very useful. The information she provided me was very clear, very practical, and a holistic approach. I took that information and it's working. Vanessa is just an outstanding human being that cares about wanting to see people succeed”
- Nichol F., Fitness Trainer and Healthcare Financial Specialist
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"When I was working with Vanessa, I felt like she really heard me and listened to me. My business partner, I lost, my husband. We started this business together. I was on unemployment. I was laid off from my job as a substitute teacher since they closed the schools. After talking to Vanessa, she helped me make that important decision to continue on the business. The business is thriving, just taking her advice. Vanessa helped me fill in a lot of the gaps as far as the planning of my business, where I want it to go, and how I'll execute it. [Vanessa] gave me a new perspective and helped me to think outside of the box, in terms and in ways I hadn't before."
- Talina H., Author and Dog Groomer
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This is for you if...
  • You're looking to diversify your income with a side business
  • ​You want to grow your business the right way so it will last multiple generations​
  • ​You are ready to be that example for your kids for what next level success looks like 
  • ​You are a 9-to-5er looking for more fulfillment in your life 
  • ​You are ready to put the work in to get the results out
But this is NOT for you if...
  • You think you already know it all
  • You are a lazy person who loves to blame others for your problem
  • You are more interested in excuses than creating successes
  • You have not already launched (made a public announcement) 
  • You have a mental wellness challenge or diagnosis that is not currently well managed. Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy
Hi, I'm Vanessa Zamy
In my corporate career, I made it to the six-figure salary at a multi-billion dollar company helping them to develop and implement long-term product and pricing strategies while living in a coveted American city of innovation. 

But after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 2019, I finally understood. 

Those panic attacks in the middle of the night, inexplicable health scares (lab results showing inconclusive), feedback on my personality (not my amazing work deliverables), terrible bosses (yes, plural including one who threw a five-year-old level temper tantrum) were because I was never meant to live my life as a cookie-cutter, cubicle employee.

There was another way of life, another land I belonged in - Entrepreneur Land. And once I started my business while in my day job, the rest was history. This is how I would treat my mother to a trip to Martha's Vineyard that she's always wanted (summer 2020). This is how I would buy her the home of her dreams (still working on this) while also continuing to contribute to non-profits I care about.

My mission with Your Vision’s Catalyst, LLC, a strategy and project management consulting firm for ambitious micro-business owners, is to reduce the number of people dying with regret from quitting on their vision. 

In The Hustle & Breathe Business Accelerator, I coach, consult, and advise entrepreneurs on how to grow their business without overwhelm, sacrifice, or struggle! 

Growing a business can really be a breathe of fresh air. No overwhelm needed…It's time for YOU to Hustle & Breathe.

In the Hustle & Breathe Accelerator, you will be guided along 
an entrepreneurial journey through which you will...  

Take care of your business 
AND yourself

Develop a brand that speaks to your audience

Craft the messaging and social media posts that resonates with clients

Reach Your Target Audience Who Do More Than View

Get prospects to KNOW you, LIKE you, and TRUST you

Define The Perfect offer and product to have customers knocking

Connect with leads without selling

Draw Clients In And Keep Their Attention

Hustle without feeling out of breathe

But You Don’t Have To Just Take MY Word For It.
Salem T., Mobile App Solopreneur and recent Apparel Brand Founder
“Savvy strategy coach who has been helping me think through my business plan in an organized and rational way...after weeks of working with Vanessa, I was able to build a solid business plan, conduct market research, and collect enough data to do analysis that is informing me on important decisions that will shape the architecture and overall nature of the app/services I will be providing to users“
Miranda S.. Creative Podcast and Non-profit Fundraiser 
"Vanessa is a great coach for moving from idea to action. Her services and strategic consulting got me to record my first podcast and move past the planning stage and into action...She has a business mind and consulting background so she’s great if you’re looking to get your business life together. Loved the accountability and structure that came with working with Vanessa. Cannot recommend highly enough!"
Robin F., Mother of high-school boys, Former Fortune 500 VP turned Life Coach for Women Over 40
"It’s aptly named! Accelerator for sure, without a doubt! I really appreciate the personal attention Vanessa gives as well as the collaborative environment. I've bought pricey systems that were just a bunch of fluff and loads of modules with very little support. [Hustle & Breathe] is sooooo much better and a hundred times more helpful. I’m so appreciative of the support and the progress that I’ve made that likely wouldn’t have happened without it! I’m crushing my goals thanks to Vanessa!"
Your Time Is now!

Say yes to you and your purpose!


You can trust us!
What is the investment for the Hustle & Breathe Accelerator?
If you pay-in-full, total investment is $10,000 for access to 1-on-1 business coaching, a mastermind community of skyrocketing ambitious solopreneurs in the accelerator with you, a portal of countless business, marketing, and sales resources. We also offer a monthly payment plan.
Who is this mentorship for?
This program is an accelerator for ambitious solopreneurs, 9-to-5ers who are tired of overwhelm, confusion, and feeling hopeless about their business. You are ready to move forward and upward towards financial freedom. 
Is this a good program for someone without a day job?
If you are a 9-to-5er, this is for you. People without day jobs working as full-time entrepreneurs also thrive as Hustle & Breathe Solopreneurs, but the times we host events and workshops are optimized to accommodate the 9to5er.
Will this program work for me if I have not yet launched?
While the support we provide can expand into helping aspiring solopreneurs narrow down a business idea, the Hustle & Breathe Business Accelerator works best when you come in with a business already launched. Email for additional services we provide to meet your business needs.
Can I split up my payment?
Yes, we are happy to accommodate you. Please email our team to get this set up
What's included in Hustle & Breathe?
The Hustle & Breathe Business Accelerator includes my membership site with regularly updated business resources, weekly Q&A calls and one-on-one accountability and strategy call with me, and access to a thriving community of like-minded business owners. 
Will the Accelerator work for me if I not yet chosen a business idea?
While the support we provide can expand into helping aspiring solopreneurs narrow down a business idea, the Hustle & Breathe Business Accelerator works best when you come in with a business already launched. Email for additional services we provide to meet your early start-up needs.
Will I get feedback on my progress?
Absolutely! This was a critical component I made sure to include in the support you receive. Feedback will constantly be given through a  myriad of services including during our weekly one-on-one calls and unlimited email support between sessions. This is a mentorship!
Is this program only for coaching businesses?
No. This program is designed for all online, service and education based businesses. This includes: consultants, social media managers, online business managers, bookkeepers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, and more.

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Become the entrepreneur you wanted to be. The CEO you envisioned. The business owner and community leader making an impact.

Here's Everything You Get In
The Hustle & Breathe Business Accelerator:
Grow and Scale with peace, productivity, and prosperity

The How We Do...

  • Private and Frequent 1-on-1 Strategy and Accountability Sessions for support throughout all the life and business challenges and successes
  • Customized Marketing and Business Plan with ongoing oversight and accountability for optimal implementation
  • Detailed Business Audit throughout each phase to develop an effective strategy
  • Special Private Strategy Sessions to get all your questions answered and pivot intentionally as needed
  • Countless Templates, Scripts, and Resources to keep you moving forward efficiently and effectively
  • ​Unparalleled Mindset Support to prevent you from getting in your way as the fears and doubts creep in
  • Epic Mentorship from a business expert who's consulted many Fortune 500 including multi-billion dollar retail, CPG, and finance companies
  • A Business Accelerator where you can learn, take action, and grow to achieve your business goals 

The What We Do...

  • Phase 1 Success Audit...increase awareness of specific areas of your current business and identify how to stop sabotaging your success
  • ​Phase 2 Life Synergy...optimize your time so you can manage yourself while productively handling the business hats you wear and deliver excellence; become "good busy"
  • ​Phase 3 Confident Marketing...define the marketing and sales strategy that fits with your business goals and life demands so you can have the time and show up consistently for your followers and clients
  • ​Phase 4 Team Delegation...grow a team at the right time for your business growth so you can effectively delegate to others and be an efficient leader/CEO
  • Phase 5 Financial Management...conquer the CFO hat and control your business finances with a profit-driven focus so you can leave a wealthy legacy 
  • ​Phase 6 Effective Systems...establish back-end and front-end systems and processes for all the above so you can breathe and relax while on vacation! Need we say more
Skyrocket your Business NOW!

Can we make it happen? Absolutely!

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Contract Free, Cancel Any Time
You can trust us!
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